Harvest Veggie Soup

Harvest Soup anyone!?
The following recipe is of my own creation and it’s low fodmap (for those with sensitive tummies)! You can make adjustments to some of the ingredients as needed if you want a different balance of veggies taking the spotlight. I honestly didn’t measure the veggies out when I made it, so the measurements for each veggie is my estimation.

Harvest Veggie Soup!


– 2 tbsp garlic infused olive oil
– 2 cups sliced carrots (cut into 1/2 inch pieces or so)
– 2 cups green beans (ends trimmed and cut into about 1-2 inch pieces)
– 1.5 cups butternut squash (cut into 1 inch cubes)
– 1/4-1/2 cup scallions (green part only)
– 2-3 cups rainbow chard (cut into smaller shreds)
– 4 cups broth (either veggie or chicken – this is one full box)
– 1 cup cherry tomatoes cut in half
– 1-2 tsp salt
– 1 tsp pepper
– 1-2 tbsp vegetable seasoning blend
– 1 tsp cinnamon


1.) Heat oil in large soup pan.

2.) Add carrots, green beans, & squash and season w/salt, pepper, veggie seasoning, & cinnamon. Cook, mixing often, for about 8 minutes.

3.) Add broth and bring to boil.

4.) Reduce to a simmer and add scallions & tomatoes.

5.) Simmer on a low heat for about 25 mins.

6.) Add chard and continue to simmer until chard is wilted.

*you can cook longer if you desire softer veggies, and you can adjust seasoning as needed. You can also add more broth if you like “brothier” soup.

** I topped mine with pumpkin seeds for an even more Fall-like feel.

Serving size is about 1.5 cups!
This should yield about 4-5 servings.

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