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Harvest Veggie Soup

Harvest Soup anyone!? The following recipe is of my own creation and it’s low fodmap (for those with sensitive tummies)! You can make adjustments to some of the ingredients as needed if you want a different balance of veggies taking the spotlight. I honestly didn’t measure the veggies out when I made it, so the measurements for each veggie is my estimation. Harvest Veggie Soup! Ingredients: – 2 tbsp garlic infused olive oil – 2 cups sliced carrots (cut into 1/2 inch pieces or so) – 2 cups green beans (ends trimmed and cut into about 1-2 inch pieces) –

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“I Don’t Want to Lose What I’ve Gained”

A lot of people start to freak out when they get injured, when their schedule suddenly becomes busier and it’s hard to fit fitness in, when they get sick, or any number of reasons that may cause their schedule and consistency to change from where it was. I can understand the frustration. Perhaps you’ve had 6-12 months where you’ve been ridiculously consistent with workouts and then “bam!” you get injured and can’t workout like you were. I’m here to tell you that it’s ok, and to remain calm.   Let’s be honest, the ability to stay 100% consistent with workouts

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What is Orthorexia?

You may have heard the term “orthorexia” floating around lately. I honestly hadn’t heard of it myself until within the last three years or so, despite definitely having been someone who suffered from it in the past for many years. More people suffer from this than are willing to admit (or who may even realize), and that’s because it doesn’t seem like anyone is doing anything “wrong” with orthorexia. I’m going to take a textbook definition of orthorexia nervosa from WebMD below:   “Orthorexia is an unhealthy focus on eating in a healthy way. Eating nutritious food is good, but

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… But What If I Hate That Workout?

Ok, I’m gonna get real with y’all… are you ready?   I just did the Phase 3 “Total Body Tone” from 9 Week Control Freak: Off the Wall. Guess what? I hated it. Yes, that’s what I said. I HATED IT. It’s not for me.   Why? I have an arthritic right hip and a right shoulder that bums out from time to time due to recurring injuries (and imbalances due to lifelong scoliosis) from back when I used to regularly teach boxing and kickboxing.  It’s better now for me to hone in my strength training to more focused/localized types

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Consistency Is Key

“Consistency is key.” I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase a lot, not only in regard to fitness, but in regard to many life habits that one wants to develop and maintain. I want to touch on it today with a focus on exercise and nutrition habits. Stick with me, because I’m going to dive into what consistency means for these aspects of your life, and how you can avoid “failure brain” when it comes to your own routines. First and foremost, what IS consistency really? One of the official definitions of it, according to Merriam-Webster, is a “harmony of conduct

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Got Bad Posture? 9 Tips to Fix Your Slouch

Today’s blog is provided by author,  Cemile Kavountzis. Having good posture versus bad posture isn’t quite as simple as standing up straight as a drill sergeant. But hunching over devices for hours while working from home or doom-scrolling isn’t great either (hello, “text neck”).There’s no set definition for good posture or bad posture, says Chester Lin, P.T., M.P.T. “You want posture that minimizes excessive wear-and-tear and allows you to use your body to its best potential.” Posture is essentially the way you hold up your body and relies on two main factors: strength flexibility Differences in the way we’re built, lifestyle,

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