Nutrition Picks

Nourish Your Body Nourish Your Life… My Favorite Nutrition Programs & Supplements To Help You Find Balance

Nutrition often gets confused with “diet.” Diet culture is toxic and dangerous; proper nutrition is sustaining and will help you flourish. Proper nutrition doesn’t equal deprivation. It should revolve around feeding your body enough of the foods that give it the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs to function at its absolute best. Nutrition shouldn’t have a sole focus of weight loss. The sole focus of nutrition should be a healthy lifestyle.

This is why my top picks for nutrition cover not just the food side of things, but the mental relationship we have with food – helping you to develop a much healthier relationship with your body, and what you choose to put inside it.

If eyeballing these, it should be noted that any of the Challenge Packs (mentioned briefly on my Fitness At Home page) come with BOTH of these programs in package price already, so that’s really the best option for the best price.

Program Pick #1: Ultimate Portion Fix

This program is designed more for those who want to balance their macronutrient intake. This program can be used for weight loss, weight maintenance, or gaining weight. It’s helped to teach me how to better balance my foods for energy and sustainability throughout the day. This program is great for those who like a more regimented, measured, approach to nutrition. It’s also great for athletes, as it has a “timed nutrition” option that helps you learn how to eat in ways that’ll up your performance. This program also has a vegan option as well. Learn more below:

  • See package and pricing options for Ultimate Portion Fix HERE.

Program Pick #2: 2B Mindset

For those who don’t want to be regimented with measuring portions out, 2B Mindset is a great program that follows the “plate it” method and proper hydration. It’s an easy plan to adopt for life, and it doesn’t have you counting any calories or points and you learn to shop for, prepare, and enjoy your own food. Learn more below:

  • See package and pricing options for 2B Mindset HERE.

Supplement Pick #1: Shakeology

Honestly, after years of trying lots of meal replacement shakes I became very anti-shake. “Weight-loss systems” that require you to replace 2+ meals per day with a shake are bogus and dangerous. Due to that, I was hesitant to try Shakeology when Beachbody released it. However, I quickly learned that this shake isn’t a “quick fix” or “miracle weight loss” shake, or whatever… it’s balanced nutrition that helps support my diet, not replace it. Learn more about what goes into Shakeology below:

  • See how Shakeology compares HERE
  • Learn more about some of the ingredients HERE
  • See flavors/pricing/nutrition/place an order HERE

Supplement Pick #2: Beachbody Performance Line

A lot of pre- and post-workout supplements are chock full of not great ingredients and/or cause all sorts of issues with my digestive track. In the past I’ve tried a lot of energy supplements that caused jitters, and a lot of muscle recovery protein shakes that cause all sorts of “fun” for my intestines (most people don’t really digest casein very well). However, there can truly be a great value in having that extra energy “oompf” for workouts, as well as having a post-workout supplement to help the muscles recover and rebuild properly.

My Favorite products from this line: