Fitness At Home

Work With Me In Person

If you are in the Los Angeles area and would like to work in person, I am available for private or small group sessions. My preferred clients for one-on-one include those with autoimmune conditions, active aging clients (40+ years old), or those working through pain caused by postural deviations, muscular imbalances, or who are post-rehab (and cleared by your doctor and/or physical therapist) who want to work on improving their strength and flexibility.


Private 1-hour Session = $65

Small Group 1-Hour Session = $30 per person (for 2) / $25 per person (for 3 or more)

Large Group Sessions = $15 per person (for 5 or more people)

Use my CONTACT ME page to get in touch and discuss logistics.


GeekyFit @Home… My Favorite Products

If you don’t live in the Los Angeles area, but still want to work together, I’ve got you covered! I actually started my own fitness journey from home, long before I ever got certified to teach and train in gyms. I still actively use Beachbody On Demand programs for both myself, and for my clients.

My start-up program was Power 90 by Tony Horton, and I then progressed to P90X, the Slim Series, Turbo Jam, and into the modern day I’ve done 80 Day Obsession, 10 Rounds, #mbf, and so many more… all of them created by Team Beachbody. If you live in the US, Canada, UK, or France and want to have me there to help you through your home fitness journey, I’m ready to work with you.

I love the programs they release because they have everything you need:

  • Balanced routines that include strength, cardio & flexibility training
  • A variety of intensity levels so that there is something for everyone
  • Lots of different styles of exercise (from classic, to dance, to boxing, to yoga, etc.)
  • A calendar that shows you what order to do the workouts in for proper structure
  • Nutrition guidance & recipes

If you are a fellow auto immune disease sufferer, or you are still rehabbing from injury, I can help pair you with a program that’ll be a good fit for you on your journey and/or build custom calendars for you that will balance your routine for your body. I can also meet you via Zoom to further assist you with these programs as well as additional supplementation exercises to support your current physical state. I can help beginners, intermediate and advanced exercisers come up with a routine that’ll get your the results you are looking for.

I know that once you have Beachbody On Demand (BOD) that you may not know where to start – I can help you with that! Using any of the links provided here will assign me as your personal coach, I can help pair you with a program that’ll fit your needs. I’ll also welcome you into my “BOD Group” where you’ll get even more info and support – and I also do weekly and monthly challenges with fun geeky prizes you can win as well!


1-year @ $99 (30 days risk free)
6-months @ $77.70 (30 days risk free)
3-months @ $59.85 (with 14-day free trial)

BOD CHALLENGE PACK (more bang for your buck):

Annual BOD with Shakeology Challenge Pack
Annual BOD with Beachbody Performance Line Challenge Pack